Jo Jones, a magician on drums, in Caravan


Jo Jones is one of the greatest drummer in the history of Jazz. Most inventive, he frequently improvises the most unpredictable and bold breaks with an impre…

24 Responses to Jo Jones, a magician on drums, in Caravan

  1. Louis Panassie says:

    J’AIMERAIS que vous sachiez que ce clip de 4’11 est extrait d’un solo de
    batterie de 7’29 interprété par Jo Jones, accompagné à l’orgue par Milton
    Buckner, et qui figure dans mon film “L’Aventure du Jazz”. Vous avez été,
    dans les dernières 24 heures, 2.845 à le voir. It’s awesome…Je vous en
    remercie. J’ai filmé ces merveilleux musiciens en France, à Biarritz, en
    1969, il y a 45 ans ! Ce fut le début d’une magnifique collaboration qui
    m’a amené à proposer à Jo Jones, en 1973, d’enregistrer pour mon label
    “JAZZ ODYSSEY” le vynil “THE DRUMS BY JO JONES”. Son talent et son savoir
    était tellement immense qu’il ne fallut que trois heures de studio
    d’enregistrement – à New-York – pour mettre en boite cette merveille de 1
    heure 17 minutes 59 secondes ! La très belle photo qui illustrait l’album à
    sa sortie et que l’on retrouve aujourd’hui sur la toile est signée Louis
    Panassié…Il y a une dizaine d’années, j’ai cédé mon label “JAZZ ODYSSEY”
    à Laurent Verdeaux…

  2. Jason Sweeting says:

    “Whiplash” brought me here!

  3. Endless Static says:

    Look at that enthusiasm. That’s the best drumming face I’ve ever seen. What
    an incredible musician

  4. Carl Loud says:

    The man is a showman and he knows it! He’s having fun and that’s why he’s

  5. Modulus1578 says:

    His face haunts me in my waking hours… I’ve been face fucked by this guy!

    Great stick work at the end.

  6. Jasper Van Flick says:

    Here is no jive stuff for you. The greatest thing for me about this clip
    is seeing my old drum teacher again. Papa Jo did teach me. He grabbed me
    after I was backing up a wonderful tap dancer, using brushes of course, and
    he ordered me to his studio to take lessons from him. Papa Jo never asked
    for money nor would he take any from me. He was one heck of a guy.

  7. Samy Daussat says:

    Merci d’avoir publié 

  8. Erik Olsson says:

    One day Jo, i will beat you! It will only take me about 60 years! But it
    will be done

  9. Shane Bowman says:

    Now this, this is passion right here.

  10. Jack Moldein says:

    Look at that enthusiasm. That’s the best drumming face I’ve ever seen. What
    an incredible musician

  11. Bill Ray says:

    Whomever downvoted this needs to never touch a drumset ever again if they
    were one to do so. See that HiHat? Yeah, THAT GUY invented it.

  12. hauntedhouse says:

    He boom bipped tha stecks. His face is cruisin and the shoulder shrugging
    so nice very relaxing when I was a kid I was so scared of musician faces I
    remember being taught and the teacher would have some weird mental lock up
    really unaware of the fact that he was staring through the back of my
    soul… Breps to betts

  13. Frederico Ponzio says:

    Hello Mr. Louis Panassié, why don´t you do a complete Dvd with all parts of
    your amazing jazz films? Its a necessary human-musical document!!

  14. Hineskitt Velvett says:

    Magical? More like masturbation

  15. Alfeus Lilik Susanto says:

    i like Jo Jones already now. great play.

  16. says:

    Und immer lächeln nicht vergessen!

  17. niceprince says:

    His roll is so smooth O.O

  18. Slight Paunch says:

    Contrast Papa’s style with many of today’s drummers. Papa’s technique is
    much smoother, tasteful and musical. It’s a treat for the ages. Thanks for
    posting this. 

  19. Сергей Дударин says:

    Да,после такого соло надо многим призадуматься а стоит ли мучить барабаны
    дальше и выбросить палочки в окно)))

  20. Victor Figueroa Peña says:

    incroyablement créateur

  21. rired2005 says:

    We all should experience feeling like this about something… this intense.

  22. Harley Galeano says:

    I had to check up on this myself but this drummer here is papa jo jones
    just so everyone knows, not philly jo jones. They are very commonly
    confused and even coincedently died within days of each other which is
    crazy but both were great and influential drummers and should be distinct
    from one another.

  23. Patricio Poblet says:

    This is quite my tempo!

  24. Steve Govea says:

    My mind just exploded

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