Top 10 Influential Jazz Musicians


Jazz: the original art form of the American south. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most influential jazz mus…

Charles “Bird” Parker, Jr. (1920.08.29.-1955.03.12.) All The Things You Are.
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50 Responses to Top 10 Influential Jazz Musicians

  1. Jeremiah Gyang says:

    I don’t understand how Ella Fitzgerald didn’t make this list, while it’s
    given that Billie Holiday did. Makes me really question the process!

  2. says:

    Here is a rundown of all of the musical artists we have featured in top 10
    and the coming soon list:

  3. ryan W says:

    Excellent list Watchmojo. I know most people aren’t interested in a list
    about jazz music. But I appreciate this list as a huge fan of jazz music.
    Thanks for doing this!!

  4. EisforEvil says:

    For once I expect to see nothing but class in the comment section. 

  5. Javier Gómez Morales says:

    This list carefully says, influential. There may be better Jazz minds than
    Louie; however, his personality really influenced Jazz. Agree.

  6. Christophe Charest-Latif says:

    Miles should’ve been no. 1

  7. MustardLover14 says:

    where is lilwayne tupac biggie emenem and ll cool j? crappy list dirliked

  8. Florian Fahrenberger says:

    It is also very mentionable that Louis Armstrong was the very first African
    American jazz byciclist on the moon!

  9. says:

    Be sure to check out these other great videos,
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  10. Ghost12973N says:

    How could guys not include Django Reinhardt in this list? He is one of the
    best guitar players of all time, he was the first influential European jazz
    musician and he set the standard for jazz guitar.

  11. Chant Cowen says:

    how the fuck is John Coltrane only 6? 

  12. Jasper Yangchareon says:

    Bill Evans.

  13. slayerking88 says:

    About time we have some real good music. 

  14. Jennerbugand Furgs says:

    In the clips you’ve showed of John Coltrane, he is playing a tenor sax.

  15. Jeffrey Williams says:

    #1 – Holiday. Seriously. The voice oozed with the blues.

  16. Yutthapol Lim says:

    how many videos you upload a day?! its like 4-5 videos in 1 day!

  17. Master Funk says:

    I have nothing against jazz but please make someday a list about blues or
    funk already!

  18. Timbulathespidermonk says:

    My Top 10:
    1. Miles Davis
    2. Duke Ellington
    3. Nina Simone
    4. Luis Armstrong
    5. Charles Mingus
    6. Billie Holiday
    7. John Conltrane
    8. Charlie Parker
    9. Max Roach
    10. Oscar Peterson

  19. pzhikcloethaeges likhrethyioprioj says:

    pretty good list but 1 fatal flaw


  20. MjDawg10 says:

    As someone who is trying to list to more jazz, this is an extremely helpful
    list and I can’t wait to listen to more of these musicians! 

  21. jipmaster55 says:

    In my personal opinion, there is Kenny G and then there is everyone else
    (just kidding obviously). I think Louis, while great, is sorely overrated.
    My list would go something like this:
    1. Miles Davis
    2. Duke Ellington
    3. Louis Armstrong
    4. John Coltrane
    5. Charlie Parker
    6. Thelonious Monk
    7. Cannonball Adderly
    8. Art Tatum
    9. Dave Brubeck
    10. Dizzy Gillespie

  22. Nöps Rofl says:

    Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton – and well- Benny Goodman are
    my Favoriten Jazzguys outside the list.

  23. Fred says:

    Where’s Justin Bieber?

  24. James Mason says:

    Not only was this a highly enjoyable list, this was one of the few times I
    enjoyed looking through the comments in the comment section. Cheers, my

  25. says:

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    votes and entries here:

    Note, of course, that viewer votes are just one of the hundreds of data
    points and variables that we consider and look at when we create our lists.
    Make sure to sign up and participate on future lists at

  26. Sharik Goriawala says:

    whiplash brought me here

  27. Carlos Harry Monzon Rojas says:

    Charlie Parker. Saxo

  28. musicserendipper says:

    Absolutely Golden!!!

    Charlie Parker – All the things you are

  29. justin odowd says:

    Good job!

  30. Rashad in Oz says:

    Pick any work by this man, Listen to it five times,,,at least. On repeat.
    Till it’s in you, flowing like a river inside you.
    Then you’ll understand why he was one of the great treasures of our

  31. zeemann says:

    This is Bird’s date not Miles,who provides the backup.

  32. Joan Garcia Alsina says:

    Fletcher said “Bird made some of the very best music ever heard”. For
    spirit Bach is 9/10; Beethov 8/10; for improvisation Mozart is 10/10 and
    for instrumental technique Paganini is 10/10. Bird could be artound 3/10 in
    all these. Sorry.

  33. Wang Terry says:

    Good job,Charlie parker!!

  34. Marvin Mata says:

    this is music my friends.

  35. Randy Resnick says:

    *Charlie Parker: It all started here, and there’s a major life lesson*
    When Bird first began jamming, musicians hated what he played. That goes a
    long way to prove my First Theory of Performing:
    *Musicians are the absolute worst audience*
    The life lesson is that usually if what you do is revolutionary, it takes a
    revolution for people to like it.
    Parker, along with Dizzy Gillespie, went on to be the basis of jazz for
    decades and is still considered one of the best. It was revolutionary.
    Ravaged by heroin and dead at 34, at the autopsy his age was thought to be
    in his late 50’s.


  36. Raymundo Correa de Almeida Neto says:


  37. So Smoode says:

    “Joe Jones threw a cymbal at his head”
    Oh..and he allegedly smashed Marilyn Munroe too

  38. Selene Cunha Barreto Lopes de Almeida says:

    Stunning !!!!!

  39. deranged says:

    Is he rushing or dragging? 

  40. jacobo vivas says:

    escucho esta cancion en particular de charlie y me provoca destapar wisky 

  41. boomerang905 says:

    I’ve gone from a child of six when he left us, to a senior so I make no
    mistake that I will continue to cherish his music. It feels universal and
    personal. That’s his genius. RIP

  42. jakkam girish says:

    andrew of wishplash told me something is here !! 

  43. hakan turunc says:

    talent, extremes, drug, death, immortality

  44. Elieu d'Olivièré says:

    Long ago, by everyone known geniality of the Bird, brought me here.

  45. sky z says:

    on replay, for moody nights how typical..

  46. Jhamile Arias says:

    Charlie Parker – All the things you are

    En honor a Charlie Parker….pronto es su cumpleaños
    August 29, 1920

  47. David A. Martinez says:
  48. Ymous Anon says:

    died much too young. what a genius. he even composed a classical music

  49. phillip harris says:

    #Whiplash what a great movie

  50. ProjectFlashlight612 says:

    People who don’t look beyond surface detail think that Parker died of a
    heroin OD. Nope. Wasn’t the smack that killed him. Heroin doesn’t give
    you pneumonia, or a liver that’s more scar tissue than liver, or a good
    half-dozen haemorrhaging stomach ulcers all at once. Alcohol does,
    though. Yay for beer and whiskey, killers of more great talents than any
    illegal drug in human history!

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